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Ganttsoft Project Manager 2.0

Ganttsoft Project Manager is a small application for project management
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Ganttsoft Project Manager is a small application for project management. It allows users to arrange their tasks in a Gantt chart and to manage the resources assigned to each task.
The Gantt chart is the most popular schedule form used for project management. It displays the starting and ending date of each task, tasks connections, milestones, and dependencies between the activities.
The program is easy to install and no further configuration is necessary. The interface is well designed, and very similar to Microsoft Project.
The work space is divided in two. In the left side are the tasks with editable cells for name, length, and start date, while in the right side there is the Gantt chart with the typical timeline layout.
Each task starts automatically with the day when it is created and can be further edited using the properties option. A cost per hour can be set, as well as a progress percent and estimations about necessary work or units. Tasks can be pushed down or forward in the schedule, with the time line automatically changing for the new dates. The indent and outdent buttons help to establish the relations between the tasks.
Projects can be exported as PDF, Word .DOC, .XLS or printed.
Ganttsoft Project Manager works under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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